Budget Guide series - tips for saving

Budget Guide: 3 tips for big ticket items

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this follow up to my Budget Guide series, I will be sharing with you how we were able to furnish our home and prepare for the arrival of our first child while staying within our budget. Both my husband and I work full time and what limited free time we have after work is

9 inexpensive ways to personalize your space while renting

Reading Time: 9 minutes Do you find yourself daydreaming about owning your own home some day, browsing home decor blogs, or creating Pinterest boards to pin your favorite looks? Are you tired of empty white walls and a lack of personality in your home? If you are one of the millions who rent and thought that you cannot customize your temporary “home”, think again!

Our Breastfeeding Journey

Reading Time: 14 minutes When our first baby was born, I intended to breastfeed exclusively by nursing and pump when I returned to work.

But a severe tongue-tie and small birth size threw an unexpected wrench in our plans.

Our breastfeeding journey was filled with many ups and downs, but may it be encouraging to other moms who face challenges.

Maintain an older car or trade in for a new one?

Maintaining an older car

Reading Time: 5 minutes Back to school time also means back to work for my husband, who currently works for a local school district. Over the summer, he spoiled me by driving me to and from work everyday. It was great to be dropped off right at the front of my building instead of parking a mile away and

The $3 Faucet Fix

The $3 Faucet Fix

Reading Time: 3 minutes My husband and I are currently renting a three bedroom, single family home in a nice little neighborhood that is a mix of home owners and renters. The house itself was built in 1977 and has a floor plan that was exceptionally popular for houses built around that time in our area. At one time, the house was very well cared for — the kitchen was renovated and the backyard had an irrigation system. After it was turned into a rental, it has not been kept up and there are quite a few things that are falling apart.

9 Things People with Clean Houses Do Daily

Reading Time: 2 minutes I read an article that provided a list of nine relatively simple tasks that people with clean and organized houses do on a daily basis. Now I am a semi-neat individual, but there are a few areas that I struggle with so my curiosity enticed me to click the link. Not all tasks will apply

Backyard transformation

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the beginning of the month, Bradley and I received two wonderful gifts from my older sister and parents: a washing machine and dryer. Unfortunately, this meant losing our primary storage area in the house: the laundry closet! Though we are enjoying our rental house, it is severely lacking in both indoor and outdoor storage.