Six Healthy Holiday Fare

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most Americans never lose the pound or two they gained over the holidays, which means that they could gain one to two pounds every year just from their holiday feasting. What can we do to avoid the holiday weight gain? Moderate exercise and portion control are always recommended. You can also substitute a not-so-healthy traditional dish with a healthier alternative. Here are six delicious gluten-free vegan alternatives to some classic holiday dishes that will let you enjoy yourself.

Pumpkin Coconut Pasta

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here in the desert of the American southwest, it may be autumn according to the calendar but we are still experiencing daily temperatures in the 100s. This last weekend, as a belated birthday present, my in-laws and I took Bradley on a short two-day trip to cooler locales: we walked near Bell Rock and Courthouse

Soupy coconut pasta primavera

Reading Time: 3 minutes Monday evening we arrived home, safe and sound, from our nine-day vacation. We drove with Bradley’s parents through southern and central California visiting various members of his family, Sequoia National Park, and Whale Watching in Monterey. Needless-to-say, when we finally returned home, we both crashed. Our fridge was so empty, I took the opportunity to

Five bean sweet potato chili

Reading Time: 3 minutes Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission when you click through and make a purchase. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog. This last weekend our church’s Pathfinder Club held a fundraising event, a Pioneer Festival. It was a

Two gluten-free vegan meals on the go

Reading Time: 3 minutes A while back, Bradley and I decided to start planning our dinner meals out on Sundays. This helped us to limit buying grocery items to those necessary for the planned meals, thereby saving some money, and also saved us a lot of time because I knew ahead of time what I would be preparing that

Nothing like delicious ratatouille

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had never had ratatouille before, but while organizing my DVDs, I happened upon Pixar’s Ratatouille. I was reminded by how delicious the dish looked. Granted, it was an animated movie. However, the idea to try my hand at making a similar dish pestered me for two days. Today on my lunch break, I did