26 Weeks

26 Weeks

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It is hard to believe, but we are about 26 Weeks along now! Since I was a bit neglectful over the last month, I thought I would do a more thorough update.

Cravings: I am not really experiencing cravings, at least not like cravings have been described to me by other women who have had them. Every once in a while, I might enjoy a few spoonfuls of a coconut milk-based mint chocolate chip ice cream, but I did that before I was pregnant. Sometimes I might grab a few salt potato chips and scoop up some delicious hummus, but I also would do that before I was pregnant. I have not really been craving anything nor have my eating habits been out-of-the-ordinary.

At work, to force myself to drink more water, I am using ice again (after about two years without usually ice regularly) and sometimes I’ll munch a little on the tiny ice pieces that are left after I drink all the water from the cup. I’m not an ice-eater usually, but it is kind of fun to crunch down on the little melty pieces. However, I do not do that often, just every once in a while so I don’t think it is that ice craving I’ve heard that some women get.

I find myself eating a little less than usual, especially in the evenings, but that is about it.

Baby’s Gender: At our Gender Reveal Party for family and friends on Sunday, May 15, we revealed that we are having a little boy! On Thursday, May 25, we had our second ultrasound and our little guy was far more cooperative so they were able to finish getting all of the measurements and data that they were unable to get at the first one. The tech was very nice and quick, and she was even able to get a pretty amazing 3D picture of his little face (after he finally moved his hands).

Our baby boy at 25 Weeks!

Name: As previous mentioned, we have had five names picked out since over a year ago and so we were ready for a boy or a girl! Though we shared this with our family and friends on Facebook, I will probably decide not to disclose the baby’s full name in a public forum like this blog. So for now we will refer to him as Baby V.

Weight Gain: At the ultrasound, the tech told us that Baby V is about 1 pound and 10 ounces, and I snuck a peak at the scale when I was weighed in. I have gained about four pounds in the last month. Since all of my pants are still fitting great and my hip measurements are still regular, I suspect it is mostly belly: baby, placenta, fluids, etc. That is good!

Aches and Pains: Towards the end of a long day, my lower back tends to be a bit stiff, and earlier this week, the calf muscle on one of my legs was a little sore. Sometimes my belly, because Baby V sits sooo looooow, feels super heavy and huge in the evenings, and I have to lie down to re-distribute his weight away from the bladder. Other than that, I have been doing pretty good!

Sleep: My sleep has gotten better over the last few weeks. I wake up a few times less at night to use the restroom or to shift position, so I am able to get a more satisfying sleep. Finding comfortable positions is still the hardest thing, especially since I am a natural belly-sleeper and now I cannot sleep on my stomach at all. My sides end up hurting from sleeping too long on either the right or left side, and all of the pregnancy sites warn against sleeping on your back (which is hard for me to do anyway).

Nesting: I may be experiencing some of the nesting instincts that are talked about, but I prefer calling it: “Preparing for baby!” We had quite a few organizational projects around our house that we had put off, but now that Baby V will be joining us in about three months, no more procrastination! This week, we cleared out the shed in the backyard, swept it, washed it down inside and out, and then re-organized everything so we’ll have room to move some items from the house out there. Next on our list is clearing stuff out of the nursery to paint and make room for new furniture, and then we’ll be focusing on getting the office functional again.

Baby Purchases: So far we have not made any large baby-related purchases. We have bought curtains, artwork, and picture frames as we begin to assemble accessories and nail down the color palette. As for creating a registry, we have an account at Baby List that I am only now starting to add items to. Baby List is awesome in that you can add items from multiple stores and online sites instead of creating individual registries at all of those places. It saves so much time and energy on our part as we assemble our list and our family and friends are shown the price of the item at different locations so they can save money!

We may also do a registry at Target to accommodate certain individuals who complained about the Baby List idea when I was excitedly explaining it to them, but that would mean double the work to make sure that the two lists do not contain duplicated items. I’m still on the fence. I may just say: “Use Baby List or just get whatever you want.” I’m still working full time, doing part-time work for my parents’ new company, trying to finish up church obligations before I stop that, re-organize the house, schedule doctor appointments and labs, June’s weekends are filled with three out-of-town trips, and now I need to start scheduling birthing classes and getting prepped for the hospital visit. I don’t have TIME to hand-hold adults!

Sorry for the rant, but I’m getting a little tired of trying to make things a little more convenient for others when I am extremely busy trying to get our house and lives ready for Baby V’s arrival. I have not even started on a birth/delivery plan nor meal plans!


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