Soupy coconut pasta primavera

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Mountain vistas at Sequoia National Park. June 29, 2015.
Mountain vistas at Sequoia National Park. June 29, 2015.

Monday evening we arrived home, safe and sound, from our nine-day vacation. We drove with Bradley’s parents through southern and central California visiting various members of his family, Sequoia National Park, and Whale Watching in Monterey. Needless-to-say, when we finally returned home, we both crashed.

Our fridge was so empty, I took the opportunity to clean all the shelves.

Then Tuesday, after picking me up from work, we hit the 99ยข Store for some very basic groceries, which in our case is mostly produce. Needing something fast and desiring something light, we had salad Tuesday night.

After so long away from home, however, I was craving a nutritious home-cooked meal. So last night I created a new soupy pasta dish using odd but delicious mix-match of whatever ingredients we had on hand. Surprisingly, it turned out oh so very yummy! (I am actually enjoying some leftovers for lunch today!)

It had started out with the desire to replicate a Thai coconut soup and we ended up adding tons of other odds-and-ends into the pot.

Soupy Coconut Pasta Primavera by Jacquelyn Van Sant

Gluten-free, vegan


3 cups vegetable broth (made using 1 Edward & Sons Not-Chick’n Bouillon Cubes)
1 Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk, Premium, First Pressing, 13.66-Ounce Can
1 can of palm hearts (chunks)
1 can Dynasty Sliced Water Chestnuts
3 carrots (chunks)
3 celery stalks (chunks)
10 small golden potatoes (cubed)
1/2 package organic tofu, extra firm (cubed)
1 Westbrae Natural Organic Garbanzo Beans, 15 Ounce Can
2 handfuls of kale (fresh from garden)
1 box gluten-free pasta (brown rice preferred)
Spices and sea salt to taste


First open all cans and drain excess liquid. Mix vegetable broth and coconut milk in a large pot on high heat. While warming up the liquid, cube all vegetables into equal-sized chunks. Add thicker vegetables first (carrots, celery, and potatoes). Add gluten-free pasta. Add sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, nutmeg, parsley, thyme, basil, crushed black pepper, chili powder, cumin, and other spices desired to taste. Lower heat to medium, cover and let cook for ten minutes. Add palm hearts, water chestnuts, garbanzo beans, and tofu. Cover and cook for ten minutes. Taste and add more sea salt and spices if desired. Test potatoes and pasta to ensure thoroughly cooked. If ready, add fresh kale (or other dark leafy green of choice, like baby spinach), stir, and cover. Simmer on low for five minutes. Taste. If ready, turn off heat and let cool slightly before serving.

Servings: 4-6

Allergy Warning

Please check all ingredients for possible allergens before preparing for someone with a food allergy.

This is how I made the Soupy Coconut Pasta Primavera, but I simply used items that I already had on hand. If you give this recipe a try, feel free to exchange ingredients to ones you already have.

The foundation of this dish is a vegetable soup, but substituting some of the broth with coconut milk, and then adding whatever else sounds good. Be sure to taste test and add spices to get the perfect flavor. If the dish tastes a bit bland, my go to spices are sea salt and garlic powder. You could also add a dash of hot sauce if you wanted to kick it up a notch. I have never thrown pasta into a soup before but it worked out quite nicely. I will probably to that again sometime.

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