The importance of music with young children

The importance of music with young children

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I love music!

Growing up music always filled our house, and that is what I want for my children.

When my sisters and I were little, my mom always had our house filled with music. We were always singing along to various children’s songs and, when we were a little older, to Psalty: The Big Blue Singing Songbook. My parents still have the gigantic yellow songbook filled with classic children’s songs my mom got from Reader’s Digest. Music was simply a part of who our family was, and I cherish those memories.

Bradley and I are creating a similar, loving and inviting environment in our home for our children. I enjoy having beautiful and uplifting beautiful playing softly in the background as we go about our chores. I thoroughly enjoy lying on the floor with each of our boys and teaching them their first songs. I’ve stayed up late into the night rocking a fussy baby to sleep while softly singing. (Sometimes making up my own verses and songs!)

Today I am going to share a few music choices that we are enjoying as a family.

Christian music

Scripture Lullabies

Years ago now, I discovered Scripture Lullabies while looking for baby shower gifts for friends. We own digital copies of the three albums: Volume I, II, and III. And while I often listen to them myself while at work, we found them perfect to help fussy or excited little babies calm down and fall asleep.

These albums are perfect for infants and toddlers, but they are also wonderful for grown ups. Another thing I love about these songs is, just as the name implies, the lyrics for each song are taken from Scriptures, though some have been simplified a little.

Psalty’s Kids Praise

I introduced our oldest to Psalty’s Kids Praise around age 3 and now all three of our boys love listening to albums 1-7 and watching the video versions of 4 and 5.

The Kids Praise albums are more like a radio story featuring Psalty, the Big Blue Singing Songbook, and his friends. Each album has a story and a moral point, backed up by familiar Maranantha and praise songs as well as a few original songs.

Some of these songs helped me memorize Bible verses as a kid, and often when I was facing challenges even in high school, I would sing these songs to myself. There are one or two songs based on doctrine that is not completely accurate, but that is something we as parents gently correct as the our children grow into understanding.

Heritage Singers Heaven Is For Kids

Just like I grew up with Psalty, my husband grew up with the Heritage Singers’ Heaven is for Kids, Vol I and II. His was on a vinyl 45, but we recently purchased the CDs for our own children to enjoy.

The albums are filled with such classics as Heaven is for Kids, Picnic in Heaven, Let’s Sing a Happy Song, and so many others. Our boys’ absolutely favorite song is All Aboard, which the encourages you to sound like a train. Chug-chug-chug-chugh, choo-choo-choo-choo…


And a house filled with music would not be complete without hymns (both instrumental and with singing) filling the air. Our family tries to do a mini version of family worship at breakfast each day that includes reciting our memory verses. Sometimes I will sing a favorite hymn at breakfast or occasionally throughout the day.

Every Friday evening shortly after sunset, we welcome in the Sabbath with singing, a Bible story, and prayer. Though our children are still very young and so we usually sing kid-friendly songs, I have started the tradition of getting out the hymnals and singing “Don’t Forget the Sabbath“, written by Fanny Crosby.

Our middle loves to bring out the hymnals and give everybody one. Our oldest, who is learning to count, loves finding the hymn in the hymnal. Our youngest will jiggling some bells while we sing. It is a whole family affair.

Educational music

Super Simple Songs

Since our oldest was born, we have explored a lot of baby, toddler, and preschool aged music sources. We wanted to include more songs that were both educational and fun. Our absolute favorite discovery has been Super Simple Songs.

They offer a plethora of songs from fun to silly to movement to learning to lullabies, from old classics I remember from my own childhood, to brand new songs. We scarcely go a single day without our boys requesting some “simply songs”.

I Love the Mountains, for example, has now become a family favorite. My husband and I have even written four completely unique new verses to sing on roadtrips.


Four years and three children after I initially wrote this post, I am happy to share that music is a huge part of our home. We do all the things above as well as sing tons of baby and toddler songs like ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus, and so many more. Our boys are often singing or asking to listen/watch songs.

We also sing silly songs that I have made up just for them. Anyone can to do, and I share how in this article.

Is music important in your home? What music do you love most? Share in the comments!

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