We’re Expecting!

We’re Expecting!

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Baby Van Sant coming September 2016

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of the thirteenth week, and Bradley and I made the big announcement above to all our family and friends. We had shared the news with our families much earlier, but we were waiting for the second trimester to share with the majority of our friends. It is very exciting to be able to finally share the news with everyone, and to finally be able to blog about being pregnant.

Starting this week, I will begin a brand new pregnancy series to share my experiences and thoughts. I already have posts planned for nine different topics, and more on the way. A sneak peek of a few of the topics include: fining out we were expecting, picking baby names, first trimester symptoms, and the importance of music. I am very excited.

Back to our announcement yesterday. For quite a few weeks, I was eagerly looking forward to March 1st. As I said before, we had told a few people here and there, but I was itchy to get make the official announcement before I start showing and then have to field all of the “Are you or aren’t you” questions. Bradley and I made the special graphic above just for this occasion. Bradley was the mastermind before the words (I simply editted them now), and I used my Photoshop skills to create the graphic.

chalkart2-jacqueline-2016 chalkart-jacqueline-2016 I was originally leaning towards a cutsy: “First comes love, then comes marriage…” type announcement, but that did not feel like us. So I asked Bradley to come up with something in his narrator of an epic movie trailer voice. (Yes, Bradley does epic movie trailer narrator voice pretty well!) It was funny and felt more like us, so I scribbled it down and played with the wording just a little. Instead of cutsy graphics and animals, I felt myself drawn to the chalkboard style.

This was probably inspired by our friend, whose name is also Jacqueline. She did some AMAZING signs for our friends’ recent wedding in chalk on a double-sided folding chalkboard. It was beautiful!

So Bradley and I are going to have a little one. This is so exciting! We have not set our ultrasound appointment yet so we probably will not find out the gender until the end of March or sometime in April.

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