Support Your Body: Review of Maternity Belt and Pregnancy Wedge Pillow by Jill and Joey

Support Your Body: Review of Maternity Belt and Pregnancy Wedge Pillow by Jill and Joey

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The following is an honest review of two pregnancy products I have personally used. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

This is my third pregnancy in the span of three years, and it is really starting to take a toll on my body. My belly is HUGE, far larger than the first two times, and I have been experiencing new aches and pains like never before. New for me this time around is severe round ligament pain and pain in my hips. I mentioned all of this to my doctor at my 23-week check up and she recommended that I invest in a pregnancy support belt or band. These support bands help lift the belly, easing muscle and ligament strain as well as lower back pain that many pregnant women experience. We knew right away that we needed to follow her advice.

My husband and I researched to find a good band. We looked at and compared a dozen of pregnancy support belts and bands. It was my husband who came across the American-based company, Jill and Joey, and he bought both their Maternity Belt and Pregnancy Wedge Pillow.

Jill and Joey Maternity support belt It was a very exciting Sunday afternoon when the belt arrived. After opening the packaging, I was immediately impressed that it came in its own little carrying bag. The fabric of the belt is soft, stretchy, and very breathable. (Living in the desert of the Southwest and this baby not being due until the end of June, breathability was important!) It uses velcro so you can customize the size and fit to meet your personal needs.

I put it on and felt relief instantly.

My poor, aching belly finally had some much-needed support! I have worn it every day since, and I’m quite impressed with how well it has withstood the daily use. It really helps when standing and walking. When I’m sitting either at my desk at work or in the car, I simply pull it up to above the belly and when I need the support, I gently pull it back down under the belly. It is very convenient!

The fabric is soft enough to use directly on your skin, but I tend to wear it under my shirt but over the extra “belly” panel that most maternity pants have.

Jill and Joey Pregnancy Wedge Pillow The next day the Pregnancy Wedge Pillow arrived. It, too, comes with its own carrying bag, which is very convenient! I use the pillow every night between my knees to provide support to my hips. Before the pillow, I could barely stand first thing in the morning, the pain in my hips was so intense! I also would toss and turn throughout the night trying but failing at finding the least painful position. Now I sleep soundly and wake up in the morning refreshed and without pain.

Every morning, I put the pillow back in the carry bag and take it to work with me to use in my office chair as lower back support.

The wedge-shape of the pillow is very convenient if you need extra support underneath the belly while lying on your side. I have not used it in this manner much, but I suspect that I will do so more frequently the further along and the large my belly grows! I was pleasantly surprised with an extra feature of the pillow: one side is firmer and the other side is softer, making it versatile for many different needs.

After a full month of use, I still love both products. I did experiment one Sunday with not wearing the band at all just to see the difference, and that evening I was so sore and achy that I ended up having to lie down right after dinner. Since then, I make sure I wear the band every day! I also bring the wedge pillow with me to the office to help support my back and hips while I work.

 If you are experiencing severe pain in your hips, belly, or lower back, then I highly recommend these two amazing products from Jill and Joey.

Photos from Jill and Joey.


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